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Welcome to the website
of the Celtic Church In Scotland (CCIS)

Beannachd Dia dhuit
(blessings of God be with you)

Although Christian, the Celtic Church had no links
with the Pauline movement which would later become known
as the Roman Catholic and Protestant Chuches and their
Apostolic succession.

The Celtic Church In Scotland or the CCIS
as otherwise known is a Celtic Apostolic Church
headed by our current Bishop Primus,
the Most Rev. Bishop Norman MacLeod (right).

Through our Church website,
we wish that you will find the help to begin or your true path
to our Lord and to assist you in learning more
about Celtic Christianity.

minicrossParts of the Celtic Church in Scotland

The Celtic Church In Scotland is made up of 2 main parts:

The Celtic Apostolic Church (CAC),
which is made up of the clergy of the Church.

And the Celtic Order of Saint Adamnan (COSA),
which undertakes the training of our new clergy,
under the watchfull eye of the Abbot.

Please feel free to browse our website,
and if you have any questions about The Celtic Church in Scotland,
vocations or any general questions please do contact us.


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