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Clergy Of The Celtic Church In Scotland

 The Celtic Church In Scotland has clergy all over the British Isles, provding Christian Celtic Worship. All our deacons and priests are fully ordained in the Celtic Apostolic Church and can provide Christian services of the Church.

The map opposite shows the locations of the churches and commmunties of the Celtic Church In Scotland. To view details of our clergy please click on the locations marked on the map.

The locations in the British Isles of our clergy are as follows:


The Clergy Of The Church

Each of the individual churches and communities of the Celtic Church in Scotland's clergy all provide their own services, under the rule of the Celtic Church.

If you would like to find out more about times of servives, marriages, baptism etc, please contact your local clergy, details of which can be found on the map above or contact the Celtic Church in Scotland direct.

Beannachd Dia dhuit
(blessings of God be with you)

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